Still Playing Vinyl (Records)?

While we are now selling a lot of our higher end items on line, our turntable business remains primarily local.
We will try to maintain a stock of used turntables, but quite frankly we can't keep up.
Any turntable we service and put out for sale generally sells in a few days!

The website will be updated at least once a week on Friday -
at the end of the work day - to reflect what turntables will be available that weekend.


At the Sound Well we cater to the listener that still appreciates a good vinyl record!

We also sell a limited selection of serviced and guaranteed used turntables. Their prices start around $140 - including a usable cartridge and stylus.

We stock a a few new phono accessories such as belts and phono preamps.

We're really focusing on restoring and re-selling components and have let our cartridge and stylus inventory be reduced to mainly Grado Prestige Series. If you are looking for a needle or cartridge we no longer stock, is our favorite online source. Al Lasher's Electronics in Berkeley has some stock of decent generic styli.

If you're looking for B & O cartridges, try this link.


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