How To Sell Used Components To The Sound Well


We are very selectively buying used stereo components
- sometimes even if they are old or not working.
Selling/Consigning us gear is by appointment ONLY.

Here's how you do it:

Please E-Mail us for a quote on the specific makes and models of gear you are selling. Let us know if you are local or not. At this point, we don't do any long distance buying. Within a few days, we can tell you which pieces we will buy and how much we will pay (presuming good to mint condition). These price quotes are good for two months. We will sometimes still buy gear if it's broken - but at a reduced value to be determined after our checkout.

If our offer is acceptable to you, we need to have it about a week or two minimum for a technical checkout. You can drop items off on Saturday 12-3, but it is often very crowded for the three hours a week we're open for walk-in retail. Selling appointments are available 11:30 a.m. - 12 noon or right at 3 p.m. closing time..

We also offer, at our discretion, to sell higher end pieces on consignment for clients. This typically nets you (the seller) more, but the payoff is delayed until we've actually sold the item. Consignment is generally limited to higher end pieces only with a resale value of at least $500 per component.

We will give you a detailed receipt with a list of makes and model numbers of your items. One to two weeks after you've dropped the items off, we'll mail you a company check - presuming the gear checks out for the maximum original offer. Providing us with owners manuals, receipts and original packing boxes will not usually enhance the value of the gear, but we certainly appreciate it if you have any or all of them. Having original factory remote controls will generally raise the value a little and we will try to reflect that in our preliminary offer. We will call or E-Mail you back if for some reason the offer is lowered. Gear that gets lowered to zero value can be abandoned with us. We will either fix it for resale or take it to an electronics recycler. Note that the offer to recycle items is limited to component grade pieces of audio gear. We are unable to recycle large console style stereo sets that were around in the 50's - unless we want to buy what's inside them; which is rare but not unheard of!

We insist that all gear have serial numbers and that you present us with a current permanent (picture) driver's license or passport for personal identification. The paperwork we need to do takes 10 minutes or so; make sure you feed the parking meter out front or park in the lot behind us.



The Sound Well is now located inside of Handy Electronic Service @ 1467 University Ave.

We're available to receive used items Saturday afternoon 12-3

We have selling appointments available 11:30 a.m. - 12 noon or right at 3 p.m. closing time




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