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Optimus Passive Subwoofer (Great for Optimus Pro 7AV's etc!)--------------------------------------------$45

Bose AM5 Non-Powered Subwoofer ONLY (small)---------------------------------------------------------$65/single

Polk PSW-50 Powered Subwoofer-------------------------------------------------------------------------$100

John Bowers Active 1 Powered Loudspeakers (VERY different dark wood cabinet finishes! - NO grills, NO Shipping)-------------------------$800/pair

ADS L1290/2 Speakers (small footprint towers, 3-way w/dome midranges and tweeters)---------------------$485/pair

Cambridge SoundWorks Model Six Speakers (8" 2-way with good replacement woofers)------------------------------------------$125/pair

Tannoy Mercury M2 Speakers (cherry finish, very nice small/mid-sized bookshelf system)------------------------------------------$150/pair

Jamo C40 Speakers (nice, small bookshelf system)------------------------------------------$75/pair

Mission MS-50 Speakers (nice, small, 2-way bookshelf system)------------------------------------------$75/pair

AR 4X Speakers (8" 2-way, wood cabinets, 7.5 out of 10 cosmetics)------------------------------------------$185/pair

Yamaha NSA-526 Speakers (small, black, 2-way)------------------------------------------$45/pair

NHT Two Speakers (small, black bookshelf, 6 ohms)------------------------------------------$220/pair

Infinity Primus PC-250 Speaker (single, center channel speaker)---------------------------$50/single

Opel 8501 Speakers (floor-standing towers)---------------------------------------------$185/pair



Nakamichi R1 Receiver (very small, no phono, missing remote, works but as-is)-------------------$50

Onkyo TX-SR600 Receiver (surround sound, remote, NO phono)------------------------------------$150

Technics SA-5760 Receiver (165 watts/channel, 'silver,' analog, 2 phono stages)---------------$485

Yamaha RX-385 Receiver (black, digital, w/ phono, NO remote, 2-channel)------------------------$145

*Denon DRA-345 Receiver (45 watts/channel, black, 2-channel, w/phono stage)--------------------$145

Integrated Amps

No stock at this time



Yamaha CT-400 Tuner ('silver,' analog)-----------------$100

NAD 4020A Tuner (analog tuning, charcoal grey)-----------------$95


No stock at this time



Hafler SE-100 Preamp (solid state, NO phono stage, nice)-----------------$165

Spectral DMC-10 Preamp (great shape w/ power supply)------------------------$1250/viewable by appointment

NAD 1020A Preamp (solid state, excellent phono stage for a budget unit!)-----------------$150

Phase Linear 4000 Preamp (with Auto Correlation)-----------------------------------------$395

NAD 114 Preamp (good, simple unit with phono stage)--------------------------------------$185

Carver C-4000 Preamp ('silver' w/Sonic Holography)---------------------------------------$300


Power Amps

Parasound HCA-1205A Power Amp (140 watts X5)-------------------------------------$600

Parasound Z-12 Power Amp (older heavy duty version, 12 channel, can be bridged)--$600

AMC 2445 Power Amp (90 watts X 2 OR 45 watts X 4, simple black box)------------- $165

Adcom GFA-5400 Power Amp (125 watts X 2 into 8 ohms, high current)------------$325

Marantz MA-500U Power Amps (mono blocks, 4 available, 125w-8 ohms, 180w-4ohms)------------$175/each--$325/pair

NAD 2600A Power Amps (150 watts/channel OR bridgeable to mono, *2 available now*)------------$300/each

Onkyo M504 Power Amp (165 watts/channel, beautiful w/ analog meters)------------$650

Yamaha M4 Power Amp (120 watts/channel, upgraded speaker terminals, Very Nice!)------------$300

Spectral DMA-100 Power Amp (Class A, very nice!)-----------------$1800/viewable by appointment

NAD 2140 Power Amp (solid state, very conservative 40 watts/channel)------------$175



Dual 1228 Turntable (idler drive, two-speed, changer-capable)-----------$185

Dual 1219 Turntable (3-speed including 78 rpm, idler drive, NO dustcover, works great!)-----------$350

Pioneer PL-570 Turntable (direct drive, fully automatic, VERY clean, not quite perfect, Nice!!!)-----------$600

Dual CS-5000 Turntable (belt drive, auto lift)--------------------------------------$325

Sony PS-X45 Turntable (direct drive, full automatic)--------------------------------------$160

Pioneer PL-260 Turntable (direct drive, full automatic)--------------------------------------$160

*Kenwood KD-550 Turntable (white, fake marble, works but no arm or dustcover)--------------$260 Click to Buy It Now on eBay

Cassette Decks

No stock at this time

Open Reel Decks

No stock at this time


CD/DVD Players

No stock at this time


Gemini EQ-3000 Equalizer (10-band X 2, 'silver')---------$60

Audio Source EQ-One Equalizer (with analyzer, but no MIC)---------$150


Signal Processors and Miscellaneous

Discwasher D-4 Record Cleaning Systems (used, older, black)------------$23-$35 Click to Buy It Now on eBay

Altec New/Old Stock Woofer Cones------------------------------------For Sale on eBay

Altec 9880A Active Filter (looks new, untested, as-is)-------------$200 For Sale on eBay

*Altec 515B Single Woofer (Voice of the Theater, NOS, 1976 version)------------------$500 For Sale on eBay

*Pioneer AKM-003 Speaker Plugs (3 sets available)-----------------$30 per pair Click to Buy It Now on eBay

*JVC 'Silver' Rack Handles--------------------------------------- $60/pair Click to Buy It Now on eBay

*Dynaco QD-2 (passive surround synthesizer)------------------------$35 Click to Buy It Now on eBay

*Monster HTS-1000 Line Voltage Filter/Stabilizer)----------------$25 Click to Buy It Now on eBay


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