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Used Components Available as of Monday December 17th 2018


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The gear listed below is our "mainstream" gear which is all serviced and guaranteed.




Mission MS-50 Speakers (nice, small, 2-way bookshelf system)------------------------------------------$35/pair

Infinity Primus PC-250 Speaker (single, center channel speaker)---------------------------$50/single

Large Advent Speakers (vinyl wrap, re-surrounded,rough cabinets but sound great!)---reduced to $100/pair

B&W LM-1 (small, black, with brackets)-----------------------------------------$140/pair E-Bay

MB Quart 690 mcsI (mini tower, small footprint, 4 ohms,very nice!!)-------$325/pair

B&W CC6 (very nice single center channel)---------------$175

Monitor Audio RS LCR Silver ( great value center channel single!)---$100

Coral BX-1001 (8" 3 way, vintage with lattice work wood grills)-------$125/pair

Paradigm CC-300 (center channnel single, nice!)--------------------------$175

Boston Acoustics VR-910 (single, center channel, good value)------------$75

KLH Model 6 Speakers (10" 2-way, almost mint, new Mylar crossover caps)---------$295/pair

KLH Model Eleven Speakers (small, walnut veneer, came w/ old compact system)---------$40/pair

Bose 901 Series I Speakers (cloth surrounds, very clean, with equalizer)---------$350/pair

*B & W Nautilus 804 Speakers (mini tower, small footprint, Dark Cherry, Nice!!)---------$2500/pair




No stock at this time



Integrated Amps

No stock at this time



*Rotel RT02 Tuner (Black, digital, readout, remote no/factory box yes)-------------$120



No stock at this time




No stock at this time



Power Amps

AMC 2445 Power Amp (90 watts X 2 OR 45 watts X 4, simple black box)-------- $165

Toshiba SC-665 (silver, analog meters, 60 watts/channel)-------------$140

Hafler DH-220 Power Amp (100 watts/channel, MOS-FET outputs)-------------$285

*McIntosh MC-250 Power Amp (Solid State, 50 watts/channel, very clean)-----------$825





*Pioneer PL-115D Turntable (Belt Drive, semiautomatic) Coming Soon-----------Coming Soon



Cassette Decks

No stock at this time



Open Reel Decks


No stock at this time


CD/DVD Players

No stock at this time




Gemini EQ-3000 Equalizer (10-band X 2, 'silver')---------$60


Signal Proscessors and Misc.

Nakamichi Service Manuals (Various Models, Original)--$10-$14 E-Bay seller audioasis

Metrum Acoustics NOS Mini DAC Octave (Digital to Analog Converter) $550 E-Bay








We make every effort to ensure that the prices are accurate.
However, we reserve the right to make corrections to any incorrect prices which slip by.
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