Phono Preamp Instructions



This phono pre-amp is an active device meant to bring the output level of a magnetic phono cartridge up to "line level". At it's output you will get a signal level equal to that of a CD player, Cassette Deck or any high level signal source-allowing you to use a turntable on an amp with no phono input.

This pre-amp has to be plugged into 110 volts AC to operate. It has no power (on/off) switch and must be either left on all the time or switched on and off through your amp. While we would advise turning it off when not in use-its power consumption is about 2 watts or 1/30th that of a 60 watt light bulb. Its effect on your electric bill if left on all the time is almost non-existent.

If you have a ground wire on your turntable initially try hooking it to just the ground on the preamp. This should reduce or eliminate any hum in the turntables signal path. In some cases you must also run a ground wire between the pre-amp and your amplifier. Run a wire from the phono preamp to the ground screw on your amplifier-along with the turntable ground wire. Note that the extra ground wire is usually not needed-but whatever situation gives you the least hum is the correct one-Sometimes (not usually) that is when NO ground wire is attached.

If for some reason you need a long distance between your turntable and amp the place to extend the wires is between the pre-amp and the amp. The cables from your turntable should not be longer than 6 feet or hum will occur.

The pre-amp comes with a 90 day warranty. We will exchange over the counter if you buy a defective one.








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