It's been nine years since we moved from our larger shop up the street. We're overdue for some garage sales to help get rid of some unfinished projects we'll never get to! We will have additonal ones in the near future-stay tuned for details. In the used business we accumulate gear faster than we can process it and we're out of room! Lots of turntables, cassette decks, speakers, receivers etc. Some of it works, some doesn't- but it's all CHEAP!!! It's intended for people that like to tinker and is not for the faint of heart!

A few caveats: In this tiny shop we're now share holding garage sales may be a little tricky. We'll have some stuff on the sidewalk in front and other items in a specific area inside the store. We'll need to restrict the number of people inside to a maximum of two at a time, first come-first serve. We insist on good behavior!

We'll have limited (if any) ability to let you test items but they will be priced to sell. In some cases we have tested pieces and they'll have a limited write up posted on them.

Please also note that since we share this shop with Handy Electronics a lot of the items in the store are not even ours to sell. Also some of the pieces do belong to us but are part of our serviced, used inventory. In general we are not able to conduct "regular" business on garage sale days.

In our regular business of selling guaranteed, serviced items we'll give as much advice as needed and guide you through the process of using an item. For our garage sales we have to turn off that side and become "Junk Sellers" for the day. We offer no customer service, no returns - we never want to see this stuff again! Sorry, no previews or long distance sales of these items.

We're located @ 1467 University Ave. in Berkeley. This is four blocks west from our old location (1981-2009) and we're now on the north side of the street.



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