Why Buy Used From The Sound Well?

Stereos aren't like computers. New isn't always better!

Stereo components have been around since the 50's. Basic two channel components reached their peak in the late 70's. There have been some wonderful innovations (like compact discs) in recent years. However, there is an industry-wide trend towards planned obsolescence. Many of the components made 20-30 years ago are still going strong - or fixable when broken.

The other factor that many of our customers often mention is how little affordable good stereo gear is available new - and we agree! We are very good at filling that wide gap in the middle with our refurbished components. Often these days the cheapest items we'll sell cost more than new low cost items - there's a reason for that. Most new, low cost stereos are basically disposable. They are not built with service in mind and after a very short period end up at the electronic recyclers. Our vintage gear is often closer in quality to many of the newer high end components available - but at a price most people can still afford.

Having been in business since 1974, we have developed a keen eye for what's good and what's not. Most of our components have been serviced and most carry a six months parts and labor warranty.

If you see items of interest on our web page, you may purchase them from us by calling us at 510-549-2126 or sending us e-mail to sales@thesoundwell.com to determine that they are actually still available.

Note that we will accept Visa/MasterCard/American Express/Discover in person and also accept Pay Pal. Any purchases made over the phone will be shipped only to the billing address of your card or the one associated with your Pay Pal account. Sorry, no exceptions!

Some items we're willing to ship, others not.


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